The identity of the Music School: getting to the present and advancing for tomorrow

Ανδρέας Γλυνιάς, Νεοφύτου-Κυριακίδου Γεωργία, Βασιλική Ζεπάτου, Κολιάδη - Τηλιακού Ανθούλα, Ιωάννης Μαλαφής


Session Η ταυτότητα του Μουσικού Σχολείου: φθάνοντας στο σήμερα και οδεύοντας στο αύριο ( Saturday, 16-Apr-22 13:30:00 EEST )

Music Schools have been investigated in regards to musical practices of Hellenic traditional music (Dionysiou, 2002), developing musical experiences and collaborations (Tsimpouri & Koliadi-Tiliakou, 2019), the schools’ impact on pupils and their families (Siasos, 2019), and also other domains pertaining to the schools’ institutional and pedagogical identity, with their important role but also their problems having been ascertained. This symposium aims at enriching music pedagogy questions and discourse concerning Music Schools, focusing on the present-day identity of Music Schools in Greece and Cyprus, but also connecting it with the past, formulative processes and future perspectives. Through the opinions and experiences of speakers with multi-faceted roles and authority in relation to the institution respectively in their countries, the symposium’s objective is for there to be dissemination of information with highlighting of new or less-known facts and an elaboration of thoughts on the intertemporal trajectory of Music Schools, orientated towards an holistic understanding of the institution and its potential for synergies, interaction, the building of musical identity and for education in a broader sense. Andreas Glinias will present a talk entitled “The institutional formulation of the Hellenic concept of the Music School from inspiration to realization and its dissemination in the European Union”. He will elaborate on how the vision, the preliminary and initial actions and difficulties were associated with the making and the development of the institution. Georgia Neophytou will present a talk entitled “The Music School (MS) identity in Cyprus: Past, present, future”, in which a brief historical account on the establishment of Music Schools is followed by an exposition of factors that determined the institution’s progress leading to its current state. The presentation concludes with proposals and reflections on the pursued orientation of the institution on the island. Vasiliki Zepatou will present “Facility issues as a dynamic parameter of the institution of Music Schools” and will refer to how the institution created the need for new school-building prototypes and to their significance for educational practice. Anthoula Koliadi-Tiliakou will present a talk entitled “Collaborations between Music Schools in Greece and Europe: their significance and potential” and will discuss the multitude of benefits that result from such collaborations for pupils and teachers on a personal, artistic and professional level, as well as on artistic partnered projects between Music Schools as pedagogical paradigms of utmost importance. Ioannis Malafis will speak on “Music Technology applications in Music Schools”. He will present a brief retrospective on the existence of music technology subjects in Music Schools and will refer to their implementation in the schools and to how they create new pedagogical and professional horizons for pupils and pupils’ subsequent progress in life.

  • Ταυτότητες και ετερότητες στη μουσική και τη μουσική εκπαίδευση
  • Μουσικές εμπειρίες στο σχολείο, στο ωδείο και στην κοινότητα
  • Πλουραλισμός και ιεραρχίες αξιών στη μουσική εκπαίδευση
  • Μουσικές εμπειρίες, δια βίου μουσική μάθηση και ευζωία
  • Εκπαιδευτικές πολιτικές για τη μουσική εκπαίδευση (διαχρονικά και συγχρονικά)
  • Νέες μουσικές-τεχνολογικές εμπειρίες
Keywords Music Schools of Greece and Cyprus, identity of Music Schools, school facilities, interschool collaborations, music technology.
Language Ελληνική
Author(s) CV

Andreas Glinias is a teacher at the Diploma of Composition level and the Diploma of Byzantine Music level at the Municipal Conservatory of Piraeus. He served as a Music Teacher in public secondary education from 1979. Secretary (1988-91) and Member (1994-2004) of the Artistic Committee for Music Schools of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (MEdRA). Author of school textbooks for Music: Years 7, 8 & 9 (1986) and Year 10 (1990 & 1999). Music Teaching at the Faculty of Primary Education - Marasleio In-Service Training Institution of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (1992-2003). School Music Advisor (1998-2003), member of the MEdRA Supervising Committee of Pupils’ Artistic Competitions (1995-2000), President of the Panhellenic Association of Music Teachers (since 1989). Member of Committees and Workgroups for Music, Programmes of Study et al. at the Pedagogical Institute and MEdRA since 1984, author of numerous proposals, provisions in laws, ministerial decisions, the Integrated Curriculum Framework for Music of the Pedagogical Institute’s Project for Aesthetic Education (1997-2000) et al. Organizer-lecturer-trainer at conferences/seminars for music education and publisher of the periodical “Mousikis Praxis”.  

Georgia Kyriakidou Neophytou is Music Inspector of Music Schools as well as in General Education Secondary Schools at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Cyprus, holding this position since 2015. She earned her PhD from the EKPA in the field of Music Education (Authentic Evaluation of students). She is an MMus holder University of Sheffield, a ΒΑ Hons in Music, Colchester Institute Essex, England and more recently an (MSc) «Education, Leadership and Management» of CIIM, Cyprus. She is actively involved in music research and has conducted music education workshop sessions and made presentations throughout Belgium, Italy, Austria, China, Greece, the United States, Lithuania. She has published many papers and articles that have appeared in numerous Greek and international music education journals. Her research interests focus mainly on the new ways of assessment of students as well as on the development of new teaching strategies and models for teaching music in secondary schools. She has been a member of several scientific organizations such as the Cypriot Music-pedagogical Society, founding member of the Cyprus Music Institute, the Greek Society for Music Education (GSME), International Society for Music Education (ISME), Greek Association of Primary Music Education Teachers (GAPMET). Until recently she was the Cypriot national coordinator of the European Association for Music in Schools (EAS). 

Vasiliki Zepatou is a Piano Teacher at Alimos Music Secondary School. Piano Diploma of the Athens Conservatory, Civil Engineering Diploma and PhD in Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. Presentations/publications: 1st Music Schools (M.S.) Conference (1995), European Association for Music in Schools (EAS) Conference (2000), Music in the First Degree journal (2008), 7th & 8th GSME Conferences (2015, 2018) et al. Activities: Integrated Curriculum Framework for Music & Programme of Study for Music: Pedagogical Institute Project for Aesthetic Education (1997-2000), EAS member/contact person (2000-2004). Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs: Steering group secretary for the M.S. Workgroups for the Syllabi of Music subjects (2000), Coordinator for the development of a videoconferencing network for M.S. (2000-2002), Workgroup member of the project for in-service training of teachers in ICT (2001-2004), Secretary of the Artistic Committee for M.S. (2010-2013), Evaluator of M.S. Programme of Study and Teacher’s Guide for Piano: “New School” Project of the Institute of Educational Policy (2014-15), Alimos M.S. Coordinator for Practical Training of students from the Department of Music Studies of NKUA (2015-today).  is

Anthoula Koliadi-Tiliakou holds the following: Ph.D. in Music Education from the Department of Musical Studies, Athens University (Thesis: "Music Self-Concept, Self-esteem and Social Behaviour of Children in School Age"), Master of Arts in Music Education, University of Reading, England, Degree from the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogics and Psychology and Degree from the Department of Education, Athens University, Degree in Piano (National Conservatory) and Diploma in Fugue (Greek Conservatory). Since 2000 she is a Piano Teacher (Music School of Rhodes) and a Music Educator in the “Greek Conservatory”. She has worked as a Music Educator in Nursery and Primary Schools, as a Collaborator in the "MELINA" Project and as Greek Literature Teacher in Secondary Education. She has been a speaker and rapporteur in seminars and Conferences of GSME and GAPMET and co-author of the New Piano Curricula for Music Schools (2015). She has published scientific articles, participated in research projects and organized training seminars, programs and events in her school context.

Ioannis Malafis is a member of the Laboratorial - Teaching Staff of the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Graduate of Aberdeen University (Scotland, Bed Mus Hons), SAE (Diploma in Audio Engineering) and holds degrees in Harmony, Guitar, Counterpoint, Fugue and Diploma in Composition. He has taught music theory, classical and electric guitar, music technology and audio engineering for 25 years in the secondary education at Music Schools, audio engineering at SAE Creative Media Institute (Athens), and also as PD407 staff has taught for a number of years at the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, undertaking undergraduate and post graduate teaching modules on Sound Recording and Acoustics, such as Microphones-Loudspeakers-Speakers, Introduction to Sound Recording, Sound Recording in Studio, Computer Aided Acoustic Design, Music for Media. He has organized and conducted a variety of training seminars in Music Technology and Sound Recording for secondary school music teachers. He has been a member of the Artistic Committee and of Working Groups of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Music Studies of NKUA and is a Steinberg Certified Trainer for Greece.