Cultivating emotional intelligence skills through the lyrics of a song

Περακάκη Ελισσάβετ


Session Καλλιεργώντας δεξιότητες συναισθηματικής νοημοσύνης μέσω των στίχων ενός τραγουδιού ( Saturday, 16-Apr-22 17:45:00 EEST )

Literature review defines emotional intelligence as the ability of individuals to recognise, understand and manage both their own emotions and those of those around them (Mayer & Salovey, 1993; Goleman, 2006). The feeling has the power to increase the intensity of one's interaction with the world. According to Mayer and Salovey (1993), the five fundamental characteristics of emotional intelligence are self-awareness, emotion control, motivation, empathy, and interpersonal relationships.

This workshop attempts to connect the theoretical framework of emotional intelligence and, in particular, the five characteristics mentioned above through the implementation of organised musical actions based on the content of the lyrics. The value for understanding emotions is fundamental when associated with specific events and situations (Belapurkar, 2017), while the combination with rhythm and melody makes the song an essential and valuable tool that raises moods and evokes memories. The actions that will take place are inspired by the lyrics of three songs, focusing on the cultivation of the characteristics of emotional intelligence through the approach of each song's linguistic and musical content. Activities will connect the characteristics of Mayer and Salovey (1993) with practice while cultivating musical and socio-emotional skills (Jakobi, 2012).

The choice of songs is based on the lyrics that focus on forgiveness and remorse, the evaluation of our options and the strength we need to find within ourselves to overcome a life difficulty. The songs are freely available on the internet and are instantly accessible. The activities can be adapted to songs that will be selected in the future with similar musical and non-musical goals to be implemented in any context (formal, non-formal or informal) with the participation of children or adults. Daily experience confirms the difficulty of managing their emotions; it is imperative to engage in actions through which such skills will be cultivated.

  • Η μουσική πράξη ως μέσο κατά του σχολικού εκφοβισμού
Keywords emotional intelligence, song, lyrics, empathy, self-awareness
Language Ελληνική
Author(s) CV

Elissavet Perakaki belongs to the specialised educational staff of the Department of Musical Studies in Music Education. She holds a PhD (2009) and has a degree from the above University. The title of her dissertation is “The development of Critical Thinking through music lessons in secondary school: the teaching for thinking method”. She has taught music in public primary and secondary schools and conservatories (theory of western music and guitar lessons) since 1998. She cooperates with the Greek Institute of Education and the Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”. She has also published papers in conferences and journals in the field of Music Education. She is the author (Fagotto: 2008, 2009) and co-author (Fagotto: 2018 and Ellinoekdotiki, September 2020) of four books in Greek. She is a member of the International Society for Music Education (ISME). She currently serves as commissioner of ISME’s Music in the Schools & Teacher Education Commission (MISTEC) for 2020-2026.