The music education in the Normal School of Elbasan in Albania

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In recent times there has been a resurgence of interest in the history of music education, which has opened up new opportunities for the re-interpretation of both established and changing philosophies, pedagogies and practices. The object of this paper is concentrated in the representation of the Normal School of Elbasan as the first school, which included in the curriculum of the general education the subject of Music. In this way this school became a crucial element for a special esthetical attitude. This paper will be preceded by a introduction of the musical activity held before the opening of the school and the specific circumstances that motivated the opening of the school, which contributed in developing in a productive way the artistic life of the country, cultivating and enriching the Albanian spiritual heritage. A special place in this paper will be given to shed light into the personalities and teachers of music which were distinguished for their major contribution in the creation of a cultural identity in the musical education in the Normal School of Elbasan. Special focus will be given to the analysis of the program of the Music subject, starting  with the structural thematic form, trying   to present an organized panorama of the characteristics of this school and also the musical activity of the Normalist. As prior said, the contribution of this school is very big since she became the most important cradle, where were educated thousands of teachers from Albania and Kosovo, but also for the fact that through its connection and collaboration with schools and other educational institution, became a carrier of the new contemporary educational methodologies, inspired by western psychologists and professors. In charting the history of music education during this period, it has been deemed important to place significant events within their wider political, social and economic context, as a means of bringing a broader theoretical perspective to the narrative, and of engaging in a wider range of analysis. This pape therefore sets out to examine underlying causes of fluctuations and changing perspectives with regard to the place and purpose of music in twentieth century state school education.  The analytical thrust of the thesis is based on qualitative interpretation of a wide range of relevant primary and secondary sources that allow examination of historical perspectives at both national and local level. In interpreting content, consideration has been given to time of publication, the audience for which it was intended, and the bias reflected in any written response to published material, such as letters in newspapers, or debates as minuted at meetings or conferences. At the national level, government department reports, working papers and other key official publications representing wider institutional initiatives, policy and directives, have provided a framework within which to examine local issues. To gain a more critical overview of debate, newspapers and journals have been searched for relevant articles that would provide a range of opinion, thus aiding the development of argument. Published primary sources include the National Archive, specific bibliographies and “Normalisti” journal . We hope that the paper will be of great help in creating an overall and consolidated panorama of the musical education in the Normal school of Elbasan and the spread in the whole country.

  • Ιστορία της μουσικής εκπαίδευσης στην Ελλάδα
Keywords Music education, historical development of music education
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Eliona Lici  graduated  Canto at  Academy of Arts in Tirana, today known University of Art , Faculty of Music. She obtained the academic degree Doctor in Music with the subject in the field of Music education : Music Education in Albania in first half of XX century” . Since 2010 she  has working at the Academy of Arts , today known as the University of Arts, for Vocal Ansamble, Music Curricula, Pedagogical practice,  also and the till academic year she has teaching at the Departament of Education of  Albanian  University, Univerity of Tirana since 2018 in field of Ethnomusicology. From 2018 She teaches a group of subjects in the field of music pedagogy in Departament of Education , School of Humanities  University “Ismail Qemali” of Vlora She holds: i) Msc in Music Studies Classical Singer, specializing in music. She is interested in artistic and scientific work, and her interests also lie in the field of singing, music pedagogy applied and vocal pedagogy. She has been a lecturer at international scientific conferences, and she has been invited as a lecturer on professional and scientific gatherings. She is the author of monography “Music Pedagogy in Albania (1878-1945)”. She has participated in numerous science and art conferences.